Workshop Test Automation with Espresso for Android

On 11th of October I gave a workshop for UI Test automation for Android and iOS on the TestNet Najaarsevent 2016. We had a lot of fun teaching you guys how to setup your first UI Test Automation workspace for native UI testing in Android and iOS! We  got also alot of feedback on our workshop which we have put on our backlog or TODO list.

On this page you can find the resources we have used for the workshop. I also added an installation manual to setup the Android UI Test automation project which contain the UI Test code as the source code of our demo app DemoBankApp.

I deleted the zip files which we have used in the workshop. From now on we work with the Github repositories so you guys have always the latest versions if we add new stuff to the project! As requested by one of the attendance I added a picture which is describing the setup of our work environement to automate UI tests for native Android.


On the image above you can see the setup of the project. On top we have the Feature file which is describing the test scenario like doing a payment for example. The second layer is the Gherkin layer. This is steered by the Cucumber framework. The layer with Espresso code is used to fire off tap events or insert events like entering text and the last layer is the source code of the Android app itself.

If you want to find more information about Cucumber or Espresso please follow these links:

Happy Automation!